Do You Feel Called To Discern Ordained Ministry in an Eastern Catholic Church?

Called By Christ™ Propaedeutic Year

Called By Christ ™ is a propaedeutic year of formation for those discerning a calling to ordained ministry in an Eastern Catholic Church. As a program, it draws on the sources of biblical, liturgical, and patristic tradition, and combines several key learning elements:

  • Faith of the Church
  • Worship of the Church
  • Life of the Church
  • Christian Prayer
  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Salvation History
  • Liturgical Year
  • Sacred Art and Architecture
  • The Charism of Lay Leadership
  • Parish Catechesis

Called By Christ

A Year of Discernment and Formation in Ministry


  • Virtual Retreat
  • Online Learning
  • Monthly Cohort
  • Assessments
  • Development Planning
  • Coaching

Called By Christ Virtual Retreat

  • January 15, 2020

Cost of the Program?

  • $100 per month per participant (Jan-Nov)
  • Sponsorship by Your Priest or Vocation Director

Distance Learning Rooted in the Faith
In Service to the Church
Co-Sponsored by the Vocation Office of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix

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