Who We Are

The Center for InMinistry Development is an organization made up of experienced professionals and ordained clergy from a variety of backgrounds in diocesan, academic and corporate leadership, human resources development, counseling, and ministry formation committed to applying leadership development principles and practices to developing fully formed, faithful and effective ministerial disciples™.

InMinistry Development is an abbreviated way of saying “Integrated Ministry Development.” It refers to the practice of developing leaders in Church ministry through a variety of experiences and approaches integrated with actual service in and to the Church. It is a process of Ministerial Discipleship™ that equips emerging and existing leaders with the mindset and skillset appropriate to their level of formation according to four dimensions:

  • Human: Growing in the basic virtues of a mature human life, including self-awareness, honesty, personal resiliency, commitment to learning, and interpersonal skills.
  • Intellectual: Growing in the ability to know, understand and communicate the essential truths of the faith and Christian tradition in service to the Church.
  • Spiritual: Growing in the establishment and nourishment of attitudes, habits, and practices which foster a deeper relationship with God in His image and likeness as a member and minister in the Church.
  • Pastoral: Growing in the skills and confidence to exercise leadership in pastoral service to the Church in support of her identity and mission as the spiritual flock of Christ.

Ministerial Discipleship™ is process of forming Church leaders in ministry with the laity as faithful disciples called to holiness and for the laity in service to their needs.

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